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Safety Marshalls

The Matlock Raft Event is a fun event for all the family on Boxing Day. However, the negative effects on the environment that this level of spectatorship and the active involvement of the spectators has must be seriously considered.

Spectators have often been known to playfully throw flour and eggs at raft participants in the past. While this appears to be great fun, it's important to note that plastic bags can be harmful to the watercourse and eggs pose risks to our participants. Both the environment agency and council are closely monitoring the situation, and we're taking steps to ensure safety and environmental responsibility.

To keep the event thriving, we're expanding our team of Marshalls to enhance safety and enjoyment.

As a safety marshall, you will be responsible to:

  • Monitor spectators and participants to ensure adherence to safety guidelines and environmental regulations.
  • Direct spectators along the route where required.

Join us in ensuring a fantastic experience for everyone at our event. You'll receive £35 to cover your expenses.

Contact Terry via email for more information.

Donation Collectors

We’ve already raised over £250,000 for the RNLI. Can you spare us a day to help us collect the donations from the spectators, families and groups of friends?

As a donation collector, you will be responsible to:

  • Be a friendly face, collecting donations from spectators along the route.

Contact Terry via email for more information.


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