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Event Route

What time is it?

What happens and when?

Once the rafts have set off, the timings always vary based on how fast the river is flowing, if there’s any obstacles along the route etc, so we’d recommend getting there slightly earlier just in case, it’s always worth the wait!


After an evening of festivities, the rafters are up bright and early to arrive at Cawdor Quarry, register for the event and make final preparations (all nuts tightened).


The rafts set off on their journey down the Derwent


The rafts arrive at Hall Leys Park in Matlock


The rafts arrive at Derwent Gardens in Matlock Bath


The rafts arrive at the finish line at Cromford Meadows in Cromford


The ceremony takes place at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath to announce the winner of this years raft event!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Matlock Raft Event all about?

What started as a group of enthusiastic divers seeking winter excitement has evolved into an event that captures hearts year after year. The very first event in 1961 certainly made a big splash. Divers from Yorkshire and Derbyshire came together, crafting over 100 rafts to navigate down the icy Derwent River. Fast forward, and this event is a cherished tradition that's been making waves for more than 60 years, now known as The Matlock Raft Event.

Is there an age limit for participants?

You MUST be aged 18 or over to take part. We do vet participants and reserve the right to request proof of age during sign in (Photo ID). Anyone found to be under the required age will be asked not to participate.

When does The Matlock Raft Event take place?

It takes place every Boxing Day at 10am starting at Cawdor Quarry in Matlock and finishing at Cromford Bridge.

There is then an awards ceremony at the Fish Pond at Matlock bath where the winners are announced and the donations to the RNLI counted. All are welcome!

What are the minimum requirements to participate?

Participants must be 18 or over, be fit and active and wear adequate safety protection in order to participate. We strongly recommend a wetsuit or preferably a dry suit, head protection and a boyancy aid.


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