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Build a Raft and Brave the River Derwent

We're gonna need a bigger boat?!

The Raft Event is approximately 3 miles long, the water is cold and in places deep and turbulent. There is a weir with a decent totalling around 30 meters of rapid white water. OK with that? Still want to get cold and wet on Boxing Day? Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Welcome to an elite club of individuals that choose to give something back to a great cause on Boxing Day, the RNLI. Do it once and we promise you will be hooked!

The first step is to read the Rules and Guidelines. The second stage is to print out and complete your team form, and the third step is to turn up at Caldor Quarry (near Sainsburies) in Matlock at around 9am on Boxing Day with your entry fees and team form signed and in hand (£15 each). You’re mode of transport should be a generally sturdy DIY raft built entirely by the crew.

Once ready and your raft has been checked, be prepared to face whatever the Derbyshire Dales, the River Derwent and 3,000 excited spectators have to offer on a typical Boxing Day. Best of luck! This event is all because of the brave drivers and guest participants working hard to create some stunning rafts for all of the spectators to enjoy. The more fun and excitement on the day, the deeper people will dig in their pockets and donate to the RNLI.

Thanks everyone,
The DASAC Organisation Team and the RNLI