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Event Safety and Helping the Environment

The Matlock Raft Event is a fun event for all the family on Boxing Day. The crowd the event generates is ranges for 2 to 3 thousand spectators each year which in turn generates donations of up to £10,000 for the RNLI and a roaring trade for businesses throughout the area on an otherwise quiet day in Matlock Bath. However, the negative effects on the environment that this level of spectatorship and the active involvement of the spectators has must be seriously considered.

Each year the general public throw flour and sometimes eggs at the raft participants. While this is great fun and bags of flour (in light thin paper backs) are acceptable, the plastic bags and eggs have no place in the watercourse and eggs are dangerous to the participants. The environment agency and council are now investigationg the event closely and are warning to close it down should this issue continue. The organisation team have a mission to stop this at all costs.

The year we are recruiting many more Marshalls to keep a watchful eye over the event and the safety in general. If you have what it takes and want to give something back this boxing day, please fill out an application form below and we will be in touch. We pay £35 to cover your expenses.

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